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In 2010, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was revised to include expanded requirements for all parking lots, even at existing facilities. Is your parking lot compliant with the ADA, as well as state and local regulations? Find out with help from the Veteran team at G-FORCE™.

Make Sure You’re Following ADA Compliant Parking Lot Striping Protocol

ADA parking lot compliance is about so much more than designating a few handicapped parking spots, and unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to become compliant. Each individual parking lot or parking garage must be considered on an individual basis. Considerations that must be made include:

  • Total number of parking spots (necessary to calculate required minimum total of accessible spaces and van accessible spaces)
  • Type of facility (medical facilities require more accessible parking)
  • Where accessible spaces are in relation to the facility
  • The slope of the surface
  • Width of handicapped spaces
  • Access aisles for accessible spaces
  • Condition of the pavement

In addition to these parameters, property managers must also ensure proper signage is installed and pavement is in good condition in accessible parking spaces, routes, and aisles.

ADA Parking Lot Compliance Diagram


For more information regarding ADA parking lot compliance, please visit the ADA Accessible Parking website.

Accessible Parking Lot Markings and Signs

As you can see, there are quite a few considerations to be made when making a parking lot ADA compliant. Leave the stress of putting together an ADA-compliant layout to the professionals at G-FORCE™.

G-FORCE™ is a Veteran-only franchise that prioritizes service, integrity, and consistency across locations nationwide. Contact us today and we’ll provide a free assessment of your parking lot. Based on your custom assessment, we’ll let you know if you’re in or out of compliance, and if you’re out of compliance, help you establish a plan to bring you back into compliance.


ADA Parking Signs


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