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If your parking lot is in need of pavement markings to direct traffic, designate crosswalks, or mark ADA parking spaces, G-FORCE™ Alabama is here to help. While many opt for traditional striping paints to mark their pavement, there are more durable options available like thermoplastic pavement markings. If you own a high-traffic parking lot or parking garage, contact G-FORCE™ to determine how thermoplastic pavement marking in Alabama can help your markings withstand the test of time.

Benefits of Preformed Thermoplastic Markings

If you need pavement markings that can withstand extreme temperatures and traffic, preformed thermoplastic markings may be the answer. More and more businesses and cities are opting for preformed thermoplastic material due to its many benefits, including:

  • Durable material that can withstand traffic, high temperatures, and freezing
  • Consistent, bright colors that are long-lasting
  • Retroreflectivity for improved visibility at night
  • Exceptional adhesion to asphalt, concrete, and cement
  • Ability to conform to cracks and breaks in pavement surface
  • Thermoplastic application is quick, allowing for little downtime

To learn more about this unique pavement marking material and determine if it’s right for your lot or road surface, contact G-FORCE™ Alabama! We are the go-to source for preformed thermoplastic marking in Alabama!

Thermoplastic Marking Specifications

Are you ready to enhance the markings in your lot using thermoplastic pavement marking materials? Call G-FORCE™ at 256-530-3913 for information and to request a free quote today. As the experts on thermoplastic marking specifications in Alabama, you can rely on us to keep your pavement markings looking like they’re freshly applied for years to come.

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