Top Secret

We’ve got a secret. Not just any secret…a Top Secret.

Parking Lot Striping.

Wait. What? Parking Lot Striping?

You’ve probably never heard of the Parking Lot Striping business. Frankly, it’s a stealth business.

That’s actually a good thing.

Here’s the deal – it’s a high demand, glamorous business. Really. It is. Read on…

First – the demand. Look around. Parking lots are everywhere. Strip malls, hospitals, office buildings, schools, municipal airports, town streets. They all require proper pavement markings by law.

You’ve never once thought about how all those stripes on parking lots get there. Well, somebody had to install them. And, somebody has been hired to re-stripe them numerous times over the years. There are many successful companies that focus exclusively on pavement marking and there are other companies that do it as part of their portfolio of related services. Not one of them has a nationwide presence as we envision.

New asphalt must have properly installed lines before public use. Older parking lots require re-striping (the bulk of our work). Responsible facility managers and property owners call for re-striping every few years, meaning repeat business. We want to be the go-to resource for all pavement marking needs across the country.

The pavement marking industry is fractured. There are no national brands that have captured the true potential for the industry. We’ll show you how to quickly gain market share and set the stage for steady growth.

As a G-FORCE™ franchise owner, you can operate one of two ways – Owner Operator or Owner Manager.

As an Owner Operator, you’ll run the business and also provide the services. Most jobs can be handled alone. You can flex up as needed with part-time help on larger projects. Your overhead is very low and the margins are high. And, as demand increases, you can take on more part-timers or full-time staff (ideally fellow Veterans).

As an Owner Manager, you’ll run the business and hire a primary service technician to perform the work (again, ideally a fellow Veteran). Your overhead will be higher, but you’ll have more time to work “on” the business, network and close more deals.

And, with G-FORCE™, expansion into other service lines is easy. As you grow your line striping business, you’ll learn the local market for other services such as pavement maintenance (sealcoating, hot and cold asphalt repairs, hot rubber crack sealing and paving), power washing and more. We have over seven years’ industry and franchise experience in these areas and will guide you every step of the way as you grow.

Whether you’re an Owner Operator or Owner Manager, you can run your business from your home, keeping costs down and increasing your profits.

As for the “glamour”, isn’t there at least something a little bit glamorous about being your own boss, building a lifestyle, making customers happy, providing quality service and building a business you can be proud of?

A Franchise Made for Veterans

When we started G-FORCE, we heavily considered what our franchisees would need to be successful. After seeing what all was included and provided to him, Andrew Bowden knew he had found his fit.

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