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Fire lanes serve an important safety role on your property in Central Texas. Without them, fire trucks and emergency vehicles would lose open access into buildings when called to the scene. G-FORCE™ provides Central Texas business owners with top-rated fire lane striping services to guarantee your fire line pavement markings are bright, visible, and properly striped.

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Fire lane markings in Central Texas must follow strict guidelines that adhere to specific state fire code rules and regulations. G-FORCE™ recommends having your fire marshal complete a pre-inspection to make sure you’re following protocol.


Additionally, we suggest scheduling routine fire lane painting, curb painting, and restriping services in advance. This is a critical step you should take to remain compliant. Leaving worn, chipped, or fading paint markings on your premises can result in a fine or penalty.


You’ll also need adequate signs that display, “FIRE LANE – NO PARKING.” Signage plays an important role in signaling to drivers that your fire lanes are to remain open and clear at all times. Without it, you may risk having violators park in your designated parking area.

What Striping Requirements Need to be Met?

Depending upon your exact Texas area location, additional fire lane regulations and measurement requirements may be enforced. For example, you may be required to leave a certain amount of space above your fire lane markings. Or, you may be expected to keep your lanes a specific distance away from your building.


At G-FORCE™, we take fire lane regulations very seriously. It’s our top priority to ensure your fire lanes pass inspection protocol and remain in compliance. For additional information about Central Texas fire lane striping services, reach out to us today for a free quote!

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