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Do you need a new set of wheel stops for your Central Texas parking garage or parking lot? Wheel stops are essential for assigning designated parking spaces to drivers and keep your lot neat and organized. More so, they prevent drivers from hitting parking curbs, vehicles, walls, and other surrounding structures. Whether you intend to upgrade your parking area’s appearance or are looking to enforce safety measures for employees and guests, G-FORCE™ can help. Our Central Texas franchise offers both rubber and concrete wheel stop installation services.

Wheel Stop Installation Standards

At G-FORCE™ Central Texas, you count on us for all of your wheel stop installation needs. To gain your trust, our team only supplies concrete or rubber wheel stops. We don’t install railroad ties, plastic wheel stops, or other alternative parking blocks due to their poor quality and the potential safety risks associated with them.

Concrete Parking Stops

Concrete parking stops are unarguably the most common type of wheel stop installation service requested for Central Texas businesses. They’re affordable, durable, and easy to install. Plus, their longevity helps assure you that they’ll last. These parking stops can tolerate the weight of heavy trucks and machinery. Forklifts may be necessary to install heavier blocks.

Rubber Parking Stops

Searching for a lighter wheel stop for your parking area? Rubber parking blocks may be your best option. Unlike concrete stops, they’re more suitable for harsh and fluctuating weather conditions. They hold up well when exposed to UV rays, humidity, and extreme temperatures. Plus, most come with reflective tape or paint for high visibility.

How Much Does it Cost?

Installation prices vary depending on the type of wheel stop and quantity requested. To determine your particular parking stop needs, we recommend getting in touch with a contractor near you for a free estimate. Contact us today at 254-833-4007!  We’ll be happy to discuss pricing and go over your options more in-depth.

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Looking for a contractor to install durable wheel stops near you? Turn to the experts at G-FORCE™ Central Texas. Our veteran-owned franchise specializes in rubber and concrete wheel stop installation services. To get started, contact us today for a free quote!

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