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G-FORCE™ Is On A Mission – A Military Mission… Gig Line 14

G-FORCE™ is on a Mission…a Military Mission to put Veterans into business and into good paying jobs.

We’ve designed our Parking Lot Striping Franchise around our Veterans.  Everything about our brand is designed to maximize the number of Veterans we can put into the Pavement Marking business, help them succeed and grow to the point where they’ll hire fellow Veterans in their local businesses.

We’re 100% confident our Franchise Owners will love driving our custom wrapped trucks. Frankly, the trucks are kick-ass thanks to the help we received from our graphic designers. And, we can tailor each truck and trailer to reflect the individual Franchise Owner’s military background while maintaining brand consistency. We get honks, waves and salutes all the time when driving to and from jobs.

Our uniforms, business cards, ads, website and marketing materials also set us apart and help tell our military heritage stories.

By keeping our Franchise Fees low (starting at just $5K), we mean business – the business of getting Veterans into business. You’d be hard pressed to find many franchises out there with such low Franchise Fees. Why? Because it’s expensive to recruit new franchisees and the larger franchise systems have large staffs that need to get paid (not that there’s anything wrong with that). But, we’ve made a deliberate decision to forego big fees and stay true to our military mission.

For about the same cost as the Franchise Fees of most franchises out there, you can be “all in” with service trailer, vehicle wraps, state-of-the-art equipment and be in business (albeit one you’ve probably never heard of or thought seriously about). But, does a business have to be “popular”, “trendy” or “cool” to be a winner? Nope.

Do your due diligence. Kick the tires on lots of franchise (and non-franchise) opportunities. We are all lucky (thanks to your service) to live in a country where you can pursue your dreams of business ownership and financial independence.

Meanwhile, we’re here building the foundation for a unique Veteran-only franchise system built exclusively for Veterans by Veterans.

I’m from Chicago and lived for a time in Joliet. The Blues Brothers are near and dear to my heart.  Just like Joliet Jake and Elwood Blues, we’re on a mission others might not understand. We’re on a Military Mission…not quite as important as their mission from God, but a very worthy mission, indeed – to put Veterans into business and put even more to work in a pretty cool niche business.

Joliet Jack

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