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Fire lanes aren’t only important for compliance purposes; they also play a crucial role in safety. During an emergency, correctly marked fire lanes provide fire trucks and emergency vehicles with unobstructed access to your building. With expert fire lane striping services from G-FORCE™, you can ensure your fire lane pavement markings are clearly and compliantly marked.

Fire Lane Striping Requirements

Fire lane marking requirements can differ depending on the fire codes and guidelines in your city and state. A pre-inspection by your fire marshal is encouraged to ensure that you have all of the information you need to stay compliant.

And, even if you were compliant at one point, it doesn’t mean you are now. Fire lane painting and restriping is a crucial part of your parking lot maintenance. Fire marshals can issue fines for chipped or aging paint that makes the fire lane hard to see.

fire lane striping in a parking lot

At a minimum, you can expect to need clearly labeled striping and signage that reads, “FIRE LANE – NO PARKING.” Many municipalities require a combination of pavement and curb painting to ensure the fire lane parking area stays clear. Other regulations can come into play depending on your location, including the following:

  • Fire lane area and width
  • Distance to building
  • Marking and visibility
  • Height available above fire lane

Find Fire Lane Painting Near You

Emergencies happen; let the professionals help you stay compliant. To learn more about our professional fire lane striping services, call your nearest G-FORCE™ location today for a free quote! Our local offices can help you determine whether you’re in or out of compliance and assess the next steps.

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