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Are you looking for a durable alternative to traditional painted pavement markings? If you own a high-traffic parking lot that is exposed to extreme temperature changes, thermoplastic pavement markings may be the answer!

Thermoplastic Pavement Markings

More and more facilities are opting for thermoplastics to replace traditional pavement markings due to the material’s many benefits. Some of the characteristics that property managers love most about thermoplastics include:

  • Durable material able to withstand extreme temperature changes, freezing, and heavy traffic
  • Bright, long-lasting markings
  • Retroreflective markings for great visibility at night
  • Great adhesion properties
  • Conforms to small cracks in asphalt surfaces
  • Application process requires little downtime

Keep in mind, thermoplastic markings are considerably more expensive than traditional traffic paint applications. But, if you’d like to learn more about thermoplastic pavement markings and if they are the right material for your parking lot, contact G-FORCE™ today! We are a Veteran-owned and operated franchise network with offices across the United States. Using our military background, we focus on providing facility managers and property managers with top-notch pavement markings services and excellent customer service.

Find Thermoplastic Application Services Near You

If you’re ready to replace your painted pavement markings with thermoplastics, contact your local G-FORCE™ office. We proudly offer free estimates on our thermoplastic services, and oftentimes, are able to provide quotes using satellite imagery. To get started, find a G-FORCE™ office near you.

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