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Your parking lot makes an impact on a customer’s first impression of your business. Over time, cracked pavement can not only hurt the appearance of your lot, but it can also contribute to further damage. Crack sealing isn’t rocket science, but it is a critical component in extending the life of your pavement.

Benefits of Asphalt and Concrete Crack Repair

Cracked asphalt pavement leaves your sub-base vulnerable to the elements. This will lead to foundation issues and crack growth that can lead to weeds, “alligator” cracking, and eventually potholes. Crack filling and sealing offers a cost-effective way to extend the life of your asphalt.

Crack sealer can save you significant money compared to the costly repairs of putting off your pavement maintenance. Depending on the size and depth of cracks, professional contractors can help you determine the right sealant for your parking lot or parking garage. Crack sealing is complete before sealcoating and, when professionally completed, can protect your pavement for significantly less than the cost of an overlay.

Find An Expert in Concrete and Asphalt Crack Repair Near You

Expert paving contractors like the team at G-FORCE™ can assist with a variety of pavement maintenance services. Whether you need hot or cold asphalt repairs or crack sealant for asphalt or concrete, our reliable teams are here to help.


The best defense against cracks is to stop them as soon as they form. Ensure your pavement deterioration is professionally addressed by working with a contractor you can trust. Get in touch with the G-FORCE™ location nearest you to get started!

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