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Get Your Parking Lot Maintenance Plan in Check

Your parking lot is a customer’s first impression of your business. Put your best foot forward by proactively maintaining your parking lot. Routine maintenance includes:

  • Sealcoating
  • Hot Rubber Crack Sealing
  • Hot and Cold Asphalt Repairs

At a bare minimum, we recommend annual hot rubber crack sealing for asphalt showing signs of cracking and fresh parking lot markings every 1-3 years to protect your asphalt investment and keep your parking lot looking good, clearly marked, and well-maintained.

If you’re in need of help setting up a pavement maintenance plan for your parking lot or parking garage, contact your local G-FORCE™. Some G-FORCE™ locations offer these pavement maintenance services, while others work with a number of trusted, local pavement contractors that specialize in these services. If we are not able to complete the pavement maintenance or repairs ourselves, we can help you choose the right contractor for your particular project.

To learn more about pavement maintenance and reconstruction in your area, call 1-844-GO-G-FORCE.

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