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Electric cars are becoming increasingly more popular each year. For that reason, you may have started looking into installing electric charging bays for your parking lot if you don’t already have them. Getting these parking space stations properly marked is absolutely necessary to better serve EV drivers and to ensure compliance with ordinances set by your local government. For all your electric vehicle charging marking and re-striping needs, turn to the experts at G-FORCE™ franchise nearest you.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Painting Services You Can Trust

As with any type of non-traditional parking stall, specialized markings are key for helping drivers spot and identify these charging spaces. Using a combination of quality striping paint, stencils, and SharkGrip® to mitigate slips and falls, our franchisees can help your EV charging stations stand out from the rest of your parking area. We’ll work with you on deciding the most appropriate design for your bays. The majority of EV charging bays are usually striped with green or blue backgrounds, white lines, and EV charging symbols. However, trending designs and painting specifications can vary by location. Our team will work with you in following local mandates and building codes in your area.

With decades of combined experience in the striping industry, G-FORCE™ has worked with several businesses across the country. We’ve striped EV charging point markings for a wide range of clients, including, but not limited to:

  • Apartment complexes
  • Office parks
  • Colleges and schools
  • Dealerships
  • Public spaces
  • And more

Ready to Book an Appointment for New Electric Vehicle Charging Station Striping?

As a veteran-owned and operated franchise, G-FORCE™ applies our military background to every one of our projects. You can count on us to get your striping needs met the first time around. We pride ourselves on putting service and integrity into all of our work. Contact us today for a free quote on your next EV charging stencil project!


public ev charging bay markings

Help your EV charging spaces stand out to electric car drivers. To learn more about our professional EV striping services, reach out to your nearest G-FORCE™ location now for a quote! Our local franchises can help you choose the best EV stenciling and markings for your parking lot.

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