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Is your parking lot or parking garage in dire need of new wheel stops or replacements? Wheel stops allow you to separate designated parking spaces and block drivers from pulling up too far and hitting other vehicles and parking curbs. Whether you’re simply looking to update the appearance of your lot or need to enhance safety measures for employees or visitors, G-FORCE™ is here to help. Our Veteran-owned and operated franchises offer both rubber and concrete wheel stop installation services at a location near you.

Wheel Stop Installation Standards

G-FORCE™ guarantees only the highest standards to be met when you turn to us for your wheel stop installation needs. To ensure your satisfaction, our crew members only supply concrete or rubber wheel stops. We steer clear of using plastic wheel stops, railroad ties, and other alternative parking blocks due to their lower quality and potential safety hazards.

parking stops installed in a parking lot


Parking Stops Dimensions and Details

For your convenience, we carry an assortment of different types of wheel stops for purchase. Depending on your specific parking needs and preferences, G-FORCE™ can install a variety of sizes of concrete parking stops and rubber wheel stops.

Concrete Parking Stops

Concrete parking stops are unquestionably the most popular type of wheel stops installed for businesses and organizations. They’re affordable, sturdy, and easy to put in place. Plus, their durability will ensure they’ll last you for years to come. These wheel stops can withstand the weight of heavy vehicles, including delivery and pickup trucks. Due to the heavy weight of the concrete blocks, these installations sometimes require a forklift.

Rubber Parking Stops

If you’re looking for a more lightweight option and don’t mind spending a little extra, rubber parking blocks are a great alternative to concrete wheel stops. Like concrete stops, they’re durable and relatively easy to install. Most are pre-cast with reflective tape or paint for increased visibility. Their material also makes it harder for them to chip, and they can withstand moisture, UV rays, and extreme temperatures.

Ready to enhance the safety and look of your parking area? For all your rubber and concrete wheel stop installation service needs, the experts at G-FORCE™ have you covered. Get in touch with your nearest location today for a free quote for a pricing estimate on your project! Our contractors will be more than happy to go over your options.

Parking Stop Installation Services You Can Trust


Searching for a contractor to install durable wheel stops near you? Rely on the experts at G-FORCE™. Our veteran-owned franchise locations provide professional rubber and concrete wheel stop installation services. Contact your nearest location today for a free quote on your next project!

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