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In 2010, officials revised the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to include expanded requirements for all parking lots, even existing parking facilities. Is your parking lot compliant with the ADA, as well as state and local regulations? With help from the Veteran parking lot striping experts at G-FORCE™, we can take out the guesswork for you by striping professionally marked ADA-compliant stalls and signage.

Are You Following ADA Compliant Parking Protocol?

Meeting ADA parking requirements involves much more than designating and restriping a few handicapped-accessible parking spots. Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to become compliant. Every parking area or parking garage should be reviewed individually. Considerations to follow include:

  • Total number of parking stalls (necessary to calculate the required minimum number of accessible parking spaces and van accessible spaces)
  • Type of facility (outpatient and medical facilities require more accessible parking)
  • Where accessible spaces are in relation to the facility
  • The slope of the surface
  • Width of handicapped spaces
  • Access aisles for accessible spaces
  • Condition of the pavement

ADA Parking Lot Compliance Diagram

For more information about meeting ADA requirements, please visit the ADA Accessible Parking website.

ADA Parking Sign Installation

There are quite a few considerations to meet while making a parking lot ADA compliant. In addition to the parameters listed above, property managers must also install proper signage within all handicapped parking spaces and accessible routes. Each sign displays the International Symbol of Access and must be mounted a certain distance from the pavement. Apart from aiding in compliance, professionally mounted signage informs your visitors of where they can and can’t park.

Sign placement is critical but doesn’t need to be an arduous undertaking. Leave the stress of putting together an ADA-compliant sign layout to the professionals at G-FORCE™. With years of experience under our belts, we can quickly help you navigate the process.

Ready to Book Your Next Handicap Parking Sign Installation Project?

G-FORCE™ is a Veteran-only franchise that prioritizes service, integrity, and consistency across our locations nationwide. Contact us today, and we’ll provide a free signage assessment of your parking lot. Based on your custom assessment, we’ll let you know if you’re in line with ADA standards set by your local government. And if you’re out of compliance, don’t fret. We’ll help you establish a plan to bring you back into ADA compliance.

handicap symbol

ADA Parking Signs

Access aisle symbol

Access Aisle Markings

paint brush

ADA Pavement Marking

white outline of van

Van Accessible Spaces

handicap ramp

Access Route Marking

Accesibility Adjustments Accesibility Adjustments