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Parking Lot Striping And Gig Lines – Gig Line 1

For those non-military types who might not be familiar, the term “gig line” refers to the line that extends from the military uniform shirt, to the edge of the belt buckle to the flap of the pant zipper. Military uniform standards call for a perfectly aligned line along these clothing items.  If there is any deviation, this results in a “gig” or demerit of sorts.

Now that we are in the line striping business, the notion of a “gig line” has a great deal of relevancy for us and our customers.  We strive for perfection. We pay close attention to detail (something that was hammered into us during our military training). Attention to detail makes all the difference in the final product of a parking lot striping project.

We will use our Gig Line Blog to communicate information you might find useful as you research line striping and pavement marking service providers or research franchise opportunities for veterans.

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