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Low Cost/High Value Franchises For Veterans – Gig Line 2

We are moving forward with plans to create a unique and exclusive franchise for Veterans under the G-FORCE™ Parking Lot Striping brand.

The Parking Lot Striping business and Veterans are a perfect match. Parking Lot Striping service providers across the country come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, talents and capacity. There are very few standards in the industry. We envision a standardized team of G-FORCE™ franchisees providing expert service to customers large and small across the country. This benefits both our customers and our franchisees.

Veterans understand service. They understand the importance of the mission. They understand the importance of discipline and appearance. Each of these factors impacts our customers’ and our potential customers’ decisions. They know they can count on G-FORCE™ to do the job right.

Being Veterans ourselves, we understand the challenges Veterans face when returning to “the real world”. We are building low cost/high value franchises specifically to meet the needs of our returning Veterans. We are lowering the barriers to entry while at the same time creating sophisticated business systems that are typically not at the disposal of start-ups unless they have substantial resources to invest up front.

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