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Helping Facility Managers Look Good! – Gig Line 17

Attention Property and Facility Managers – we can make your job easier and make you look good with your boss – the Property Owner.

We do that in several ways:

  • We offer a Free Assessment of your Parking Lot. By Free, we mean Free!
  • We’ll highlight trouble spots and develop a maintenance plan. We’ll make cost-conscious recommendations for keeping your Pavement serviceable and in good condition
  • You can use our recommendations for CAPEX planning. We’ll make traffic flow recommendations to keep your lot safe and minimize the risk of litigation
  • The addition of a few low cost lines or arrows can keep the lawyers away! We’ll make aesthetic recommendations to create a better visual effect for your tenants, customers and/or employees
  • We view the Parking Lot as a canvas that can be enhanced with properly placed and painted Handicapped Parking Symbols, clean, crisp lines and modern signage

For many property owners, their second biggest investment after the physical building may well be the Parking Lot. For Parking Lots in tough shape, we’ll help you stem the rate of deterioration with an aggressive “triage” plan (high volume crack sealing, patching and fresh parking lot stripes and signage).

Facility Managers can count on G-FORCE™ to be upfront and honest in what can or can’t be done to save your Parking Lot. If you’re a Facility Manager or Property Owner in New Hampshire (NH), Massachusetts (MA), Connecticut (CT), Maine (ME) or Vermont (VT), please call us at 1-844-464-3672 or drop us an email at [email protected] to see if we can be of any help. Certain restrictions apply.

G-FORCE™ is a Veteran-Owned Company with a primary focus on Parking Lot Striping. We also offer high volume crack sealing and other pavement services throughout New England in-house or through reputable sub-contractors.

With headquarters in New Hampshire, we are on a mission to create business ownership and better employment opportunities across the country through our G-FORCE™ franchise system.

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