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How Serve2Win By Mitch Durfee Will Help G-FORCE™ – Gig Line 10

I had the pleasure to meet Mitch Durfee, Amazon best-selling author of Serve2Win, Eight Steps to Making a Living & a Life, a motivational, self-help guide for entrepreneurs, at the amazing Simon Pearce restaurant and glass-blowing facility in Quechee, Vermont. Mitch is a six-year US Army combat Veteran.

mitch and jack smiling in front of g-force truck

Over lunch, Mitch and I shared business ideas for our respective ventures. I found Mitch to be high energy and refreshingly open and sharing in his approach to exchanging business ideas.

Great view from Simon Pearce while discussing Mitch’s book Serve2Win.

After lunch, I asked Mitch if he happened to have one of his books on hand. He went to his truck and returned with a signed copy made out to me personally with the inscription “Working with others makes it possible to make something bigger“. Having just finished his book, I will say his short inscription succinctly captures the essence of his book.

There’s one point he makes in the book that really hit home for me personally. He articulated something I’m doing without my really acknowledging it at the conscious level – with G-FORCE™, I’m helping others do something I find easy that others may not. Specifically, I find all the challenges of creating a brand, launching a business, instituting processes to grow that brand, establishing customer service systems and creating marketing programs to be challenging, but fun. For many others, especially our returning Veterans, these are difficult, intimidating steps that are very unfun. And, as a student of the world of business launch, I see many fellow businessmen and businesswomen falling far short in these critical early steps making the business tasks they do enjoy that much more difficult, if not impossible.

To be blunt, it’s fairly easy to run a Parking Lot Striping business; however, the level of success among the many Parking Lot Striping companies out there varies wildly and has little, if anything at all, to do with the quality of the paint and striping techniques used on the parking lot. It’s more about the power of the brand, the marketing efforts, advertising programs, customer service, crew efficiencies and strength of conviction of the owner that defines the success of the business.

With G-FORCE™, we are building a Veteran-focused franchise brand, dedicated exclusively to Veterans only, built around the franchisees (our fellow Veterans) instead of the other way around like most franchise systems. We take all those very difficult and intimidating steps of business launch and building business processes off our franchise owners’ plates and let them focus on running the business itself.

Without knowing it, we were already following many of the suggestions in Mitch’s book in our goal of service to others. Mitch’s book will help us keep our focus on those we want to serve – our fellow veterans looking to own their own business.

Mitch has an easy to read style of writing and offers practical steps to help start and grow any business to help you “Make a Living and a Life”. Visit and buy this book. You’ll be glad you did.

Thanks, Mitch!

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