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In business, change is constant. Whether you’ve outgrown your space and are moving to a new one or your existing line markings no longer suit your business needs, you’ll need to prepare your concrete surface by removing the existing paint. Proper preparation encourages better adhesion, cleaner removal, and overall better quality for your concrete floors. Learn more about how G-FORCE™ locations ensure your concrete paint removal project goes smoothly!

Concrete Line Removal Services for Warehouses, Retailers, Parking Lots, and More

Removing paint from a concrete floor can be done in a variety of ways, and the right process depends on the type of paint used, whether or not the markings were shot blasted, the condition of the floor, and the size of your project. Each Veteran-owned and operated G-FORCE™ location uses state-of-the-art removal equipment to ensure your concrete slab or lot looks good as new.

Our Process for Removing Paint from Concrete Floors and Parking Lots

Line marking removal is often accomplished through surface grinding. Done incorrectly, this process can etch or damage your concrete. Instead, turn to the professionals. Our team has the experience, training, and equipment to remove paint off your concrete slab or parking lot with no mess or scarring.

Plus, we understand that no two jobs are exactly alike. We’ll help you determine the right option for removing paint from your concrete floors for an affordable price. If you’re moving to a bigger space or planning to put down new lines to support a change in workflow, we can also help with a variety of removal and sealing services after your line marking removal is complete.

warehouse floor in need of professional concrete paint removal services

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Does your space need professional striping removal? Whether you require parking lot stripe removal or are looking to remove paint from your warehouse, store, kennel, or another concrete surface, G-FORCE™ is here to help! Contact a location near you to get started.

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